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The Solar Shade System is designed to provide general-purpose solar protection for food stocks, supplies, munitions, vehicles and equipment. In addition, the structure is used to provide field commanders and troops conducting temperature sensitive operations protection from severe solar exposure in hot climates. The complete system includes: cover, height adjustable poles, spreader disks, guylines, footloops, retrievable anchors/stakes, transport containers and a repair/spare parts kit. The Solar Shade System requires no special tools and is simple to erect and strike. The cover is constructed from lightweight, open weave material designed to reduce solar effects by a minimum of 60%. It is resistant to flames and moisture absorption and withstands the effects of ultraviolet degradation. Another feature, the cover’s matte finish, significantly reduces its luminosity in the field. Telescoping poles provide structural support to the solar shade cover. The poles are made of corrosion resistant aluminum tubing with a dull black finish. The telescoping feature allows the height of the poles to be easily adjustable in 6-inch increments. Available in Type I and Type II assemblies, both types provide adjustable ground coverage and height based on drive through requirements. Both systems feature HMMWV vehicle drive through capability. Both types are designed to interconnect with other covers of the same type to shelter larger areas. Type I covers can be interconnected side to side while Type II covers can be interconnected both end to end and side to side.

Type of Shelter

Pole Supported (Aluminum telescoping)



Operating Environment

Purpose/Use: Provide General Purpose Solar Protection for Food Stocks, Supplies, Munitions, Vehicles and Equipment. This is a new complete system that includes (fly/cover, pole, stakes, repair kit)

Hot Environments


  • Modular to cover multiple shapes and sizes
  • Reduces Solar Effects by a Minimum of 60%
  • HMMWV Vehicle Drive Through Capability
  • Connectable

Constructed of Lightweight, Open Weave Materials


Desert Tan


Floor Area

Type I | 900 Square Feet

Type II | 2000 Square Feet


Type I | 35 ft.

Type II | 50 ft.


Type I | 7 ft. to 10 ft.

Type II | 10 ft. to 14 ft.



Type I | 2 People

Type II | 2 People


Type I | 30 Min

Type II | 1 Hour (Per 2,500 Sq.Ft. Module)

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