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The Modular General Purpose Tent System (MGPTS) utilizes tensioned fabric to create a structure which distributes wind, rain and snow loads from the fabric directly to the support system. Because of this design, the MGPTS distributes loads more efficiently with lighter support systems than conventional GP tents. The MGPTS serves as billeting, command and control, unit supply and field services shelters. The modular design consists of one type end and intermediate sections. The system is 18 feet wide and can be extended indefinitely by adding 18 foot intermediate sections.

Type of Shelter

Type I - Tensioned fabric supported with End Poles, Side Poles, and interior Y-poles.
Type III-Internal Arch with Clear Architecture which provides a clear span interior usable space. Interoperable/Interchangeable with the Y-Pole version (Type I).




All component parts, including fabric, support system, tent pins and transport covers, are interoperable and interchangeable with all other MGPTSs and with standard military shipping equipment; standard military camouflage net systems, standard military heaters, standard military environmental control ducts, and the Tent, Extendable, Modular, Personnel (TEMPER) vestibule.

Operating Environment

Rain: Will not pool water and will withstand 35 mph wind-drives rain at a rate of one inch per hour for three hours.

Humidity: Is not adversely affected by ambient humidity between zero and 100% relative humidity, regardless of ambient temperature.

Wind Load: Capable of being set up in winds of 25 mph. Fully erected withstands a steady wind of 55 mph for 30 minutes and wind gusts of 65 mph in ten second durations from any direction.

Snow Load: Withstands snow load of 10 lbs per square foot for a period of 12 hours.

Sunlight: Withstands exposure to direct sunlight for 18 months and tolerates temperatures up to 160°F.


Provides blackout (light leakage) when viewed with the naked eye at 100 meters or with Night Vision Goggles at 300 meters in accordance with CN PD 01-03. Fabric meets the physical characteristics of MIL-PRF 44103.


Class 1 – Camo Green 483 Class 2 – Desert Tan 459

Packed for Transport

No parts are longer than 96”. All MGPTS packed for shipping tin transport covers (not the shipping box) will fit on an Air Force 436L pallet (available area 104”L x 84”W x 96”H); ISO container (234”L x 90”W x 90”H) and a TRICON container (72”L x 90”W x 90”H).

Product Verification

The Camel MGPTS was tested by the U.S. Army Aberdeen Test Center to meet the technical and physical characteristics as outlined in the U.S. Government’s Purchase Description CN PD 01-03B for the MGPTS. Customers may contact Camel Manufacturing Co. to receive a copy the verification test report.


Floor Area

S | 324 sq. ft.
M | 648 sq. ft.
L | 972 sq .ft.

Eave Height

7 ft.

Interior Volume

S | 2268 cu .ft.
M | 4536 cu. ft.
L | 6804 cu. ft.


S | 532 lbs
M | 836 lbs
L | 1127 lbs


S | 18 ft.
M | 36 ft.
L | 54 ft.


11 ft. 5 in.

Minimum Eave Width

18 ft.



S | 4 People
M | 4 People
L | 6 People






45 Min

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