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We took the rugged, durable, and battle tested Mil-Spec TEMPER and made it better. The Expedition Series utilizes the same frame structure that is known & liked throughout the military community, and the fabric sections have been modified to ensure set-up and strike times were reduced significantly. The Expedition Series has been built with the continuous feed back of customer's to ensure it'll fit any of your team's needs.




The Expedition Series is based on the idea of growth and being connected. We have engineered solutions to ensure the full line of Expedition tents and be connected together with a seamless, watertight transition. The ability to have this seamless transition is important when building expeditionary camps, and the total number of connected shelters is up to you.


The cloth of the Expedition Series meets the guidelines outlined by the U.S. Military:

  • USIFI-PRF-44103
  • USIFI-PRF-20696



Camo Green 483
Desert Tan 459

Other Options are Available


Floor Area

Expedition 16: 320 Sq. Ft. (29.7 Sq. meters)

Expedition 24: 480 Sq. Ft. (44.6 Sq. meters)

Expedition 32: 640 Sq. Ft. (59.5 Sq. meters)

Expedition 40: 800 Sq. Ft. (74.3 Sq. meters)


System Weights:

Expedition 16: 619 lbs (280.8 kg)

Expedition 24: 769 lbs (348.8 kg)

Expedition 32: 919 lbs (416.9 kg)

Expedition 40: 1069 lbs (485 kg)



Expedition 16: 16 Ft. (4.9 meters)

Expedition 24: 24 Ft. (7.3 meters)

Expedition 32: 32 Ft. (9.4 meters)

Expedition 40: 40 Ft. (12.2 meters)


Peak Height: 10 Ft. 6 In. (3.2 meters)

Eave Height: 6 Ft. 9 In. (2.1 meters)


20 Ft. (6.2 meters)



Expedition 16: 2 minimum / 4 preferred (<10 Minutes)

Expedition 24: 3 minimum / 4 preferred (<15 Minutes)

Expedition 32: 4 minimum / 6 preferred (<20 Minutes)

Expedition 40: 6 minimum / 8 preferred (<25 Minutes)

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