Extreme Weather Liner

Camel Insulated Liners are designed to assist field heaters and air conditioners maintain specific temperature ranges inside the shelter during operational use.

The design limits lost air through openings and unprotected areas by overlapping and filling vacancies and openings that can permit temperature loss.

These liners provide upgrades to single ply liners that provide enhanced environment protection to the Command and Control (C2) equipment used in the Tactical Operations Center (TOCs) during extreme environmental conditions.

The Camel Extreme Weather Liner has been successfully designed, developed into multiple components for ease of set up, strike and packing. The liner is fabricated from Climashield insulation.

Climashield® FR-SH is a Berry Compliant, flame resistant insulation designed to meet the specific requirements of both military and non-military transitory shelter applications. Utilization of Climashield® FR-SH minimizes HVAC energy consumption, reduces shipping weight and provides protection from momentary exposure to flames.


  • Climashield FR-SH Insulation 185 gram
  • Berry Compliant
  • Thickness: 1.6 cm
  • Flammability meets ASTM D6413
  • Basic Weight oz/yd2: 9.5
  • Acoustic Performance: STM E 1050 – 6300 (HZ) 0.49
  • Absorption Coefficient
  • No special tools required for installation
  • 55% reduction in fuel consumption for heating/cooling
  • Minimize number of convoys needed to resupply fuel

Available now for:

  • TEMPER Air-Supported Type 31, 34, and 37
  • TEMPER Frame-Supported Type IV
  • Modular Command Post System
  • 16 x 16 Frame Type Expandable
  • Modular General Purpose Tent System, Small, Medium and Large

Build to print parts:

Camel provides insulated liner kits for a variety of military specification and COTS shelter systems. We have the capability to manufacture liner kits to your engineering drawings, or we can reverse engineer parts supplied to fit your shelter applications.