Pioneer Series

The Pioneer Series are frame supported expeditionary shelters with fast erect and strike capabilities. The frame is manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum with its members connected using injection molded multi-functional hubs. Each Pioneer Series system comes equipped with a 6’x16’ screened area allowing you to enjoy your surroundings without being troubled by inclement weather or insects.


  • Aluminum Frame
  • Fire, Water, Weather, Mildew Resistant Fabric
  • Windows with screening
  • 96 Ft2 Screened in Porch
  • Heat Sealed Seams
  • Windows Can be Canopied for Ventilation
  • Removable Screened in Porch Walls
  • Stovepipe Shield

Optional Add-ons

  • Floor that seals to Tent Fabric with Velcro
  • Extreme Weather Liner for best insulation in extreme hot & cold environments

Technical Specifications

Pioneer 120 Pioneer 180 (in development)
Length 12’ (18’ WITH PORCH) 18’ (24’ WITH PORCH)
Width 16' 16'
Height (Eave) 5’10” 5’10”
Height (Peak) 8' 8'
FLOOR AREA 192 FT2 (288 FT2) 288 FT2 (384 FT2)
PACKED SIZE 74"X34"X22" 74"X36"X30"
(200 LBS with floor)
235 LBS
(275 LBS with floor)